What is the difference between Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft is a well-known company in this digital world. It is a collection of computer programs which is made by the Microsoft. The applications and programs are created for all the Microsoft users. There are different versions of the software for home and for business users. Microsoft provides software program and their subscription plans.

As we all aware of the name Microsoft and its application programs. Microsoft is one of the best company in providing applications software which makes all work mechanize and easy with the help of software.

There is a number of different bundles of the applications program, it all includes some different services even different application features in Office 2016 and Office 365.

In this article, we are discussing to take a close look at the shades of these different versions of Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365, as well as the major differences between them. So if you are confused about how Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365 have been worked and what’s the difference between them? Then you have to read the following article in which we describe each and every detail about the Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365 programs.

Microsoft releases the two software program to provide their users best services and features. And the users of Microsoft using the software and make their work easy by saving the much time and efforts of the users.

The two software program of Microsoft are-

About Microsoft Office 2016:-

Office 2016 is the latest version of the desktop Office suite, for both Windows and Mac OS; in a very first time, Microsoft has been sync the two platforms together. Users can buy Office 2016 by giving a one-time price to the Microsoft and it will provide you a license that you can use as long as you can for both the Windows and the Mac operating system.

On Windows Operating System, in the office 2016 software users can choose between the Office Home and Student 2016, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, or Office Home and Business 2016, and also includes Outlook application. The Office 2016 fulfills each and every requirement of the users. if you want to purchase Office 2016 visit Office.com/setup2016.

 On Mac Operating System, as we know Office 2016 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – if you want Outlook for Mac, then you’ll have to get an Office 365  yearly subscription (which also provides the Windows versions of Publisher and Access 2016).

If you want to purchase the Office 2016 then visit www.Office.com/setup2016 or for more information, you can contact Microsoft customer support.

About Microsoft Office 365:-

Office 365 established to create Microsoft’s online service for businesses, by using the Office 365 user can run email, communications, and file sharing in the cloud easily. It offers the licenses for the desktop Office software.

For using the Microsoft office 365, users have to pay monthly or yearly subscription amount of the software, after you pay for the subscription then the users automatically acquire new features and the next version of Office. If you want to purchase Office365 visit Office.com/setup365. And if anyone needs the mobile version of Office 365 on the device with a screen size bigger than 10.1-inches. Then the user can edit documents and also view them. Office 365 is perfect for use in multiple machines at work and at home at the same time.

The Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home provides the same software such as the Windows or Mac includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook, plus Publisher and Access for Windows, with 1TB of One Drive space and monthly praises to make 60 minutes of calls on Skype.

If you want to purchase the Office 365 then visit www.office.com/setup365 or for more info, you can contact Microsoft customer support.


Above we discussed every single thing about the Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365. Both the software program is suitable for both Windows and Mac operating system. But the Office 2016 works with one single device but it provides a one-time payment option. And the Office 365 works with a number of devices which is best for the business use but it requires monthly and a yearly subscription to the software.

If you need any technical support at the time of installation of the product then contact the Microsoft customer support or visit www.Office.com/setup. The experts of Microsoft are available 24*7 to assist you. For quick assistance, dial the toll-free number of the Microsoft customer support.

Read more about MS Office at office.com/setup


How to mark already read messages as read in Microsoft Outlook

On the off chance that you are the person who felt irritating when Outlook doesn’t stamp messages as read when you snap and view it in Reading Pane then simply take after the given strides as the arrangement is quickly clarified beneath. Here we have drilled down the best approach to influence Microsoft Outlook to stamp messages as read when they’re opened.

As all of you realize that with the default setting, Outlook won’t check a message as read until the point when you select another message. It is very irritating for some on the grounds that in the event that you read a message and after that quickly erase the message, it appears as a new message in your Deleted Items envelope. Simply take after the recorded advances and stamp the messages as read.

For more data, generously visit: Office.com/Setup

Take after these Steps and Mark the Outlook Messages as Read:-

Go to the backstage screen, tap on the “Alternatives” in the rundown of things on the left.

On the Options exchange box, tap on the “Mail” in the rundown of things on the left.

Presently, in the Outlook sheets area, you have to tap the “Perusing Pane” catch.

Presently, simply check the “Stamp things as read when seen in the Reading Pane” box. It influences Outlook to check your messages as read when you see them in the Reading Pane.

As a matter of course, Outlook will just check a message read after you’ve been understanding it for 5 seconds. You can even change this if necessary. Presently, enter 0 (zero) in the “Hold up X seconds before checking thing as read” box, Now, our messages would be set apart as read when we select them.

Note that the “Stamp thing as read when determination changes” box is consequently unchecked in the event that you check the “Stamp things as read when you see it in the Reading Pane” box. Just those two checkboxes can be chosen without a moment’s delay.

Snap “alright” to acknowledge your progressions and close the discourse box.

After this, you have to Click “alright” on the Options discourse box. Presently your messages will be set apart as read when you select them in the perusing sheet, or before long, contingent upon how long you advised Outlook to hold up before denoting the thing as read.

Standpoint is an extraordinary email customer, however like most projects, it has its characteristics. This fast tip can enable you to dispose of one of Outlook’s irritating highlights, and influence it to work like you need it to. On the off chance that you don’t wish to take after this technique then you can likewise impair the Reading Pane on the off chance that you don’t need messages naturally opened when you select them.

This is the manner by which you can stamp the messages as read. On the off chance that regardless you get a similar issue, at that point you have to connect with the Outlook client bolster as they can just help you to free of this issue. To know more, dial Outlook client bolster without toll number and profit a moment benefit.

Read more about Office Error at office.com/setup

How to fix incorrectly spelled words from the office dictionary?

As a matter of course, Office 2003 offers an implicit custom word reference that gives you a chance to store terms and names that would somehow get hailed as unrecognized amid a spell check. Word and PowerPoint offer foundation spell-checking, so you should simply right-tap on a hailed term (wavy red line) and pick Add To Dictionary from the alternate route menu. Exceed expectations and Outlook expect you to run the spell checker yourself. When they experience an unrecognized term, they’ll open the Spelling discourse box and give you the choice to add the term to the custom lexicon. In any case, the term will arrive in Custom.dic, the default custom word reference document, and every one of the applications will disregard the term when they go over it once more.

Now and then, however, you may incidentally add an incorrectly spelled term to the custom word reference. For example, you may accidentally mistype an organization name or some new piece of language and add it to the word reference before you get your misstep. A word reference with incorrect spellings in it is to some degree counterproductive, so it’s a smart thought to go in and expel them when they sneak in. In spite of the fact that Excel and PowerPoint 2003 let you add words to the common lexicon, you need to utilize Word (or Outlook) to adjust the word reference document. Here are the means for doing this in Word:

Go to Tools | Options, tap on the Spelling and Grammar tab, and tap the Custom Dictionaries catch. (Figure A).

In the Custom Dictionaries discourse box (Figure B), ensure CUSTOM.DIC (default) is chosen in the Dictionary List and snap Modify.

At the point when the CUSTOM.DIC discourse box opens (Figure C), find the incorrectly spelled word in the Dictionary list box, select it, and snap Delete.

To supplant the term with the right form, simply type it in the Word content box and snap Add (Figure D). When you’re done, leave all exchange boxes by clicking OK.

Microsoft Outlook 2003

On the off chance that you need to alter the custom word reference utilizing Outlook, simply pick Options from the fundamental Tools menu and tap the Spelling tab, as appeared in Figure E. Under Edit Custom Dictionary, click Edit. Standpoint will then open the custom word reference as a content document (Figure F).

What about Office 2007?

The Office 2007 applications all help to alter the custom lexicon. Furthermore, Outlook 2007 (which now offers foundation spell-checking in messages) incorporates an alternative to get to the custom lexicon record in a somewhat more exquisite path than by means of a content document.

In all the applications, you simply tap the Office catch and pick the Options charge at the base of the menu.

Pick Proofing from the sheet of classes on the left (Figure G).

Snap Custom Dictionaries to open the exchange enclose indicated Figure H.

Snap Edit Word List to open the CUSTOM.DIC exchange box (Figure I).

From that point, it works the same as Office 2003 — with the exception of that there’s a Delete All choice at this point. I figure that is in the event that you go on a drinking spree and figure out how to top off the whole lexicon record with incorrectly spelled words.

Read more about Office Error at office.com/setup

How to share your MS Office subscription with family and friends

Office 365 the most recent adaptation of Microsoft Office, has thought of another element with the assistance of you can share your membership benefits with your family and companions. MS-Office offers month to month and yearly membership premise, which is accessible to all clients from home, an instruction to business, endeavor.

Office setup 365 Home offers its clients with the new element like the client can share their membership points of interest with family and companions (no less than 4 individuals) with no additional cost.

The benefits of Office 365 home that is enjoyed by the family and friends, after you share your Office setup subscription.  The features are-

  • Can enjoy the latest versions of Office 365 apps on other devices.

Each person (family and friends) needs to have their own MS account. If they don’t have Office account then they can make an account by accepting your email invitation.

  • OneDrive

1TB of free OneDrive storage is offered to you and this storage is now shared among four people.

Please note- They can’t access the files or folders in your personal OneDrive storage. If you wish you can share.

  • Skype

In 8 countries, Skype is offering 60 minutes per month to mobile phones and to landlines in 60+ countries.

Please note- This facility is available to only in those markets, where Skype is available.

  • com

With the advanced email security tools that help to protect each person’s inbox both you and your family and friends, from phishing and malware, about the malicious website with warnings, and scanning the attachments for the viruses.

And another benefit that Office 365 Home is offering is 50GB of storage per mailbox and ad-free experiences, for those with whom you shared your Office 365subscription.

Given below are the steps to share your Office setup 365 Home subscription with family and friends are-

  1. Visit the official website of MS-Office.
  2. On the opening of Office My Account page-
  • Choose Log-in, if you’re already a member of MS-Office
  • Choose Log-off, if you’re a new member of MS-Office.

Please note- It’s recommended to use the same MS-Account that you have used or made while setting up your subscription.

The users can anytime contact Office Customer Support Number for any queries regarding Office 365 setup subscription sharing with their family and friends

  1. You need to choose Share Office 365, from the section of Share Office 365.

Please note- If you fail to see the Share Office 365 section then probably you aren’t the owner of the Office 365 Home subscription.

If you’re using an Office 365 Home subscription that someone else shared with you or you must be using another type of Office 365 subscription, then you can’t share your subscription with other people.

You may not have an Office 365 Home subscription, so you need to check the product name just above the install section on Office My Account page.

Office 365 setup-Personal and University doesn’t provide subscription sharing option or features.

  1. On the page of Share Office 365, choose Add people
  • Before you share with someone

Decide on the number of devices you want the others to install and discuss this with them before you share with them.

Being the owner of the Office 365 Home subscription, you can anytime deactivate any installation from your Office My Account page, if you’re exhausting.

  • Before someone installs Office 365-

Find out whether their system meets the system requirements. Like- The latest version of Office 365 can’t be installed on Chromebooks or PC’s running Windows Vista or Windows XP.

You can invite someone via email-

  • Go to the MS-Office official website.
  • On the Office, My Account page, Sign-in to proceed next.
  • Then, on the page of Share Office 365, select Add people, followed by Email invitation.
  • Enter the email address of all those people, whom you wanted to add and share your subscription.
  • Select Send, to send them.

You can invite someone by sending one-time subscription link-

  • Visit the MS-Office website
  • You need to log-in with your valid email id and password on Office My Account page.
  • Select the One-time link, after the opening of Share Office 365 page.

Please note– You can send the link via email, text or the other ways of sending the messages to the person you wanted to share your subscription with.

When they will click on the link, with their Microsoft Office Setup account, they will be added to your subscription.

If you wanted to share the subscription with more than one person, then you need to create a separate link for each person.

Read more about Office Error at office.com/setup

How do you fix Office Installation Error 1321?

Anyone can purchase any of Microsoft Office programming depending on their necessities and moreover the particular particulars of the PC system, tablet, PC, and even a mobile phone. As we all in all aware of the way that Microsoft Office is one of the normally used programming and being used by the different PC customers over the world.

It is a whole package by Microsoft office that further fuses Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Groove and diverse applications. A customer can finish a lot of assignments using Office applications in perspective of their redesigned features and clear way to deal with pick successfully.

At the show, Microsoft Office is open in an extensive variety of adjustments that are immaculate with Windows and MacOS. To use any of the Microsoft Office applications, you need to download, present and subsequently order it on their contraption.

For acquiring the aftereffect of Microsoft office, you need to peruse the two decisions that are given by the Microsoft:

Purchase Offline from any of the retail store.

Purchase Online from any of the Microsoft Official webpage – office.com/setup

When you purchase the thing from Microsoft, all you need to take after the other three methodologies, i.e., download, foundation, and start. While presenting in on your PC, a customer may find a “Blunder 1321” with a message “Setup Cannot Modify the File.

” This “Mistake 1321” is a certain botch various customers might be found. Along these lines, to keep up a key separation from these sorts of mix-ups or presenting the item Without exploring the screw-up.

The customer can without quite a bit of an extend assurance the slip-up by following the few phases that moreover save your possibility and tries. Underneath a couple of stages are determined to take after the methods in rising solicitation.

A technique to Fix Microsoft Office Error 1321

In the midst of the period of download, foundation or start a couple of Users may found a “Screw up 1321” which is a run of the mill botch and as frequently as conceivable happen while you are presenting the item.

In any case, the request is how to settle this issue? For settling this kind of mix-up, you need to take after the implies that are given underneath. In any case, take after these methods adequately and intentionally. The system is determined underneath:

Step-1: Use the “Record Explorer” to investigate and “Right-click” on the coordinator that you are presenting Office too(i.e., C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office)in your structure.

Step-2: Choose the “Properties” decision.

Step-3: Uncheck the “Read Only” box.

Step-4: Select the “Moved” catch.

Step-5: In “Bleeding edge Attributes,” ensure the “Scramble substance to secure data” box isn’t checked.

Step-6: Click on the “okay” catch.

Step-7: Then, Choose the “Security” elective.

Step-8: Click on the “Adjust” get.

Step-9: If “Open” isn’t in the summary, by then, select the “Incorporate” catch, by the state “Open” to incorporate “People in general” social occasion to the once-over.

Step-10: Click on the “okay” catch.

Step-11: With “General society” picked elective, check the “Allow” box on the “Full Control” line.

Step-12: Tap on the “okay” catch, by then press “okay” catch yet again.

Step-13: Navigate to the “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft”.

Step-14: Then yet again “Right-click” on the “Work environment” coordinator, by then pick the option “Properties.”

Step-15: Repeat the “methods 3” through “stages 12” for the “Working environment” coordinator just as you did the “Microsoft Office” envelope.

Snap here to enact office 2016: office 2016 actuation code

Close all open windows and try to present Microsoft Office afresh. In a perfect world, it presents effectively. The above-given technique just chips away at the remote possibility that you followed it change the way.

In case you are so far unfit to present Microsoft on your system, by then the last and best decision is to connect with the Microsoft customer support.

You can call them at whatever point as they are open for you to 24*7. There pros and experts are always open for your minute reinforce. Dial the without toll number of Microsoft customer support for quick help.

Read more about Office Error at office.com/setup

What to do if you face an error while installing Office 2016 professional?

Keeping in mind the end goal to contend effectively, today Microsoft engages their clients and groups to achieve another phase of creation or execution of their product. With the most up to date programming Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, an organization needs to expand their clients’ ability to disentangle the procedure by making, overseeing, and by imparting the business data to their clients. Microsoft offers the product to oversee movement content for enhancing the consistency and security of their clients.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 presented another look and crisp devices that assist their clients in finding the newly improved highlights. It makes a joint effort and sharing of the reports or data enormously simpler for the clients. Microsoft offers more decisions for shielded data and supplies with Excel genuine updates for the first run through.

Microsoft discharges the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 incorporating with two new projects that assistance in working the Professional Plus 2016 effectively. These projects are:

Microsoft Open Value

Microsoft Software Assurance

While introducing the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, clients are confronting the issue. Amid the establishment, the establishment fizzled mistake message happens and normally get this blunder when the establishment procedure is close to the culmination, which appears to be exceptionally disappointing for the clients. The Error happens because of the issue is with the Task Scheduler of the product. On the off chance that you need to free of the mistake then the procedure is talked about.

Fix Error While Installing Microsoft Office Professional Open

While the issue is most presumably because of extra hints of the past introduced Microsoft programming, it is reasonable to uninstall the current or past establishment of the Office programming.

To totally uninstall the past office programming, you can download the Fix-It or Run-It apparatus to uninstall Office from Windows working framework.

At that point, type “Assignment Scheduler” in the Windows look bar choice

Press the “Enter” to open the “Windows Task Scheduler”.

Explore to the Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Office alternatives.

Select and tap on the workplace organizer in the left board of the window screen.

At that point, tap on the “Erase Folder” in the right-board of the window screen.

After envelope cancellation process, “Reboot” the framework.

Presently again endeavor to introduce Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. It without a doubt works this time.

Wipeout Traces from the Windows Registry System

In the event that the above arrangements don’t work, at that point, we can attempt the other technique to erase the remaining hints of the past introduced Microsoft Office on the framework. Take an entire reinforcement of your information before breaking any registry level settled. The means are talked about underneath

  • Click on the “Win+R” to open the “Run” Window.
  • Then, type the command “regedit”.
  • Click on the “Enter” button, and it will open the Registry Editor window on the screen.
  • Then, Navigate to the given registry key:


After that “Right-Click” on the “Workplace Registry Key” alternative.

At that point, tap on the “Erase” catch. It nearly erases the remaining hints of Microsoft Office on the framework.

It will request affirmation to erase the unit.

Tap on the “Yes” catch to affirm

Having done this, watch in the event that you can introduce the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, at this point.

Read more about Office Error at office.com/setup

How To Use Microsoft Office Installer Offline?

On the off chance that your Office item is a piece of an Office for home, at that point, you have to take the given advances:

To download the disengaged installer, go to www.office.com/myaccount.

On the off chance that you’re not authoritatively set apart in with the Microsoft account related to your copy of Office do that now. On the off chance that you’re set apart in with another record, sign out of that and after that sign in again with the privilege Microsoft account.

If you have an Office 365 participation, you’ll need to pick Install > in any case, and on the present page, select Language, 32/64-bit, and other present decisions.

In the Offline Installer section, select the lingo you require, and thereafter select Download separated installer get.

When you’re incited, from the base of your program window, select Save (in Edge), Open (in Internet Explorer), Open when done (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox). The report will download.

Once the download is done, open File Explorer. You’ll see another virtual drive, for example (D:), that contains the Office foundation archives. In case you don’t see the new drive, discover the photo record you downloaded and twofold tap it.

The new drive should appear in your directory.Select the Office envelope and after that twofold tap either the Setup32.exe to present the 32-bit type of Office setup, or Setup64.exe to acquaint the 64-bit adjustment with beginning the detached foundation.

After your Office foundation is done, you need to institute Office. Ensure you’re related to the Internet and after that open any Office application, for instance, Word or Excel. The principal event when you open an application, you may see the Enter your thing key screen. Pick Sign in with a dynamic record.

Enter your Microsoft account. This is a comparative email address and mystery key you used to sign in to www.office.com/myaccount. This is the record related to the variation of Office you’re endeavoring to present. Select Next.

In case incited, enter the email address and watchword again, and thereafter pick Sign in to start using Office.

Since you’ve instituted Office and before you start using it, you need to guarantee you have the latest invigorate. In any Office application, for example, Word, select File, > Account. From the Update Options drop-down summary box, select Update Now.

Here are some of the Features and Benefits of Microsoft Office 365?

You might utilize Microsoft Office for a long time and with each refresh, Microsoft attempt to incorporate more advantages and highlights to it.

Moving to the Office Setup 365 cloud bring included advantages for you and now your association can move the proceeds with weight of years to the MS Office 365. Moving to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud gives you more advantages and highlights including:

More noteworthy Productivity

For the administrative level experts, profitability is a subject of extraordinary esteem. By efficiency, they intend to take care of business in the simple and basic path in less time with fewer endeavors. In view of a similar reason, Microsoft has contributed an immense measure of time and worry to ease and rearrange the clients’ and directors’ involvement with Office 365.

One can turn out to be more gainful and spotlight on work well when innovation escapes the way. Like the amusement changing alternative reorder, Microsoft has added numerous highlights to build straightforwardness for yielding more prominent profitability.

Install Office 2016 with Product Key : Office Setup Product Key

Access from anyplace

It is a major favorable position of getting to big business programming over the Internet from anyplace utilizing either your work area, PC, tablet, or telephone. Since the product is running in a Microsoft server farm so to get to the product, what you have to do is to associate with the web.

It has one more preferred standpoint that you generally have a solitary wellspring of reality. Means whatever change you are making from one gadget; it will think about different gadgets too on the grounds that every one of your gadgets will demonstrate the refreshed record.

With SharePoint Online which is a piece of the Office 365 bundle, a solitary document lives out in the cloud. Notwithstanding the geographic area, security consents can be set up to give anybody access the association to see the archive in light of the fact that the record lives in the cloud.

As you want, security can be strict or merciful. SharePoint likewise deals with all the forming and enables you to look at a record to alter so other than you, no one else can alter a similar report in the meantime.

Work with what you know

It isn’t the history that Microsoft has dependably turned out with the best programming, yet one thing Microsoft definitely realizes that clients would prefer not to surrender the things they are alright with. In light of a similar reason, Office 365 hasn’t changed your top picks even one percent.

The main contrast you will see is that they are currently consistently associated with the venture programming remaining there in the cloud. Furthermore, this all is going on without influencing you to feel that substance administration usefulness is being taken care of by SharePoint off camera.

Awesome security and unwavering quality

Microsoft is dealing with all the duty regarding security and unwavering quality, so you don’t have to trouble your IT group to do hard work. You can draw in them in other more critical things.

More control and productivity

Knowing the need that IT workforce need to know precisely what others are doing with their frameworks in the workplace constantly, Microsoft has made a special effort keeping in mind the end goal to make a remarkable level of control for IT staff and directors.

The greater part of the circumstances, in the event that anything turns out badly, it is likely because of client mistake. Despite the fact that executives have control over the earth, yet then as well, Microsoft has outlined it to be instinctive and straightforward in nature.

How to Setup and Install Microsoft Office on your device?

Microsoft Office Is an across the board bundle Where You can Edit and deal with Your Word, exceed expectations, PowerPoint and a wide range Of Document.

Paid Version Of Microsoft Office Comes With Lot of Features and it enables You to Edit And Manages Your Files Office and Online.

So If You Have Already obtained Microsoft Office You should Have a 25 Digit Activation Code Or Retail Card.

You Can Redeem Your Microsoft Office Activation Code Online.

Framework Requirements –

Before We begin Please Understand that You can’t Install Latest Microsoft Office Software In windows XP And Vista.

In the event that You have Mac O.S Or windows 7, windows 8,8.1 and windows 10 then You can Get the Latest Version Of M.s Office.

Instructions to Setup Microsoft Office –

Companions In Order to Quick Installation Of Microsoft Office You will Need a Microsoft Account. Try not to Worry Let Us make it Simple –

Companions As Long As you are utilizing windows Computer You will Always Need a Microsoft account.

People You can Use any email like Yahoo and Gmail or some other email to join with a Microsoft account.

it doesn’t need to be outlook.com, Hotmail,live.com

On the off chance that You Already have a record with Hotmail Or Outlook than You Can Use that record to Sign Up with Microsoft Office.

In Case You Don’t have Microsoft Account Please Go to www.office.com/setup and Create A Microsoft account.

On the off chance that you need to Sign up utilizing some other email like Gmail, Yahoo, or some other email we will prescribe utilizing this connect to join https://signup.live.com

Presently Go again to the Microsoft office actuation page utilizing this connection www.office.com/setup.

After Sign, Up Please Follow Instruction and Redeem Your Microsoft Activation Code In subsequent stage.

Presently You Can Click On My Account and Go to Download

If it’s not too much trouble Download and Install Microsoft Office In your Computer

You Can Customize the Settings While Installing M.S office In your Computer.

In Case You Face some other Issue simply visit www.office.com/setup and Redeem the Microsoft office enactment Code And introduce Microsoft office once more.

For more details, visit : https://www.office.com

What’s the Difference Between Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016?

Businesspersons and students have always been in concern while purchasing the office Setup. The confusion is about the difference between the Office 365 and Office 2016. Understanding the difference between both the version is quite confusing as both have the same features excepting a few.

Office 2016 is the newest version of the Office productivity suite (having the best of application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint), typically accessed via the desktop. On the other hand, Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription to a suite of programs including Office 2016. It means a that a user has a few options for purchasing Office 2016, either as a stand-alone product or as part of an Office 365 subscription.

What to Know about Stand Alone Office 2016?

There are two stand-alone versions available for businesses.

Office Home & Business 2016:-Office Home & Business includes the word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and a lot more applications. One can purchase it from the Office website. Though it is easily available in the nearby retail store as well. Buy it and use it for the typical home & business task.

Office Professional 2016:- Talking about the apps of Office Professional 2016, it includes everything in Home & Business 2016 plus Publisher and Access. The stand-alone versions have the features of saving your files to the cloud, which makes collaboration easier. It is especially among teams who are not working in the same physical location.

Take a good look at what programs and features are important to you. If you just need the basic Office programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, either a stand-alone version or a lower level Office 365 plan is probably enough for you. If you’re looking for something more and want more than just word then they can access to programs like SharePoint in Office 365.

Office 2016: Stand-alone Office 2016 is the same as previous versions of Office. The only difference is that you can’t get access to new features until you install a new version of Office.

Office 365: Since Office 365 is a subscription service, you’ll get access to new features as soon as they become available. You’re also going to have access to a lot more features that are updated in Office 365.


If you need to gain the access of your information from multiple devices then there is no better choice than Office 365. While files in Office 2016 can be saved to the cloud, Office 365 gives you a lot more options for accessing plus the ability to install Office on multiple machines. Apart from this, it also gives you the ability to access online versions of Office programs that you can access from any device with the help of an internet connection.

Office 2016: As we all are well aware that Office 2016 is a standalone software, if you need to add features or upgrade, you’ll need to purchase and install new licenses. There is a good news for all those who want to use an updated office version. Office 2019 will be released sometime in 2018.

Office 365: Office 365 users can switch between plans in the admin center. They have the ability to change the plan at any time. What can you afford to pay per user?

For more information kindly visit: Office.com/Setup